Packing and Transportation Box for Gantry Cranes

Product info

Technical facts

  • incl. folding lid,
    with hinges
  • with shackle to hook in a padlock
  • with two flush-mounted handles on the lid
  • with 6 steel casters
  • heavy-duty polyurethane lining with integrated caster and live ring brake
  • The Packing and Transportation Box can be moved individually and without any tools.
  • The ground of the Packing and Transportation Box is strengthened so it can be lifted with a hand pallet truck or stacker, e.g. for loading onto a truck.
  • The single components of the Aluminium Gantry Crane can be stored systematically and completely, useful preserved as well as space saving transported.
  • The user „on side“ always does have a complete Aluminium Gantry Crane System on hand.

The Packing and Transportation Box will be adapted to the particular Aluminium Gantry Crane (with accessories).