Securing people

Securing people


Lifting loads and securing people - tested and approved

ALL standard SCHILLING aluminium gantry cranes are tested and approved for transporting materials and securing persons.

The sophisticated systems of SCHILLING aluminium gantry cranes can also be used for alternative purposes. In addition to the traditional lifting of loads, the securing of persons is now also certified and therefore permitted.

The SCHILLING aluminium gantry crane has been type-tested in conjunction with the trolley as an anchorage device in accordance with DIN EN 795:2012. The person to be secured can secure themselves directly to the trolley using "personal protective equipment" of their choice. Any rescuer can then also secure themselves to the same trolley.

A maximum of one user per trolley can secure themselves against falling with their personal protective equipment. The trolley itself is secured by activating the red strap.

In general, our aluminium gantry crane systems are characterised by their high flexibility and easy handling. The height and length-adjustable, free-standing construction can be easily assembled and dismantled in a few simple steps. No structural modifications (e.g. dowel fixings or similar) are necessary.


Labelling of personal safety device on side frame and trolley

Sample example - load capacity 1,000 kg