Custom-Made - Crane Systems and Lifting Equipment

We are your partner, if you are looking for a customized special solution in the field of Crane and Lifting Technology. Portal Cranes, Slewing Cranes, Tripod Cranes or Load Traverses are used to lift heavy loads or transport them from A to B in factories, production facilities and workshops. Through our years of experience in the design and manufacture of quick-assembly light cranes, we are able to design and produce a custom-made solution for almost any customer task using lightweight construction technology.

Our solutions are as comprehensive as our customer requirements are varied. Here is a small excerpt from our custom-made aluminium products:

Whether Cranes, Cross Beams, Tripods, Multilifts ... we are the right partner for individual projects in the area of "lifting and transporting" loads of any kind. Contact us here and challenge our engineering knowledge and our quality production.