Various Lifting Equipment and Lifting Technology

In addition to our Aluminum Gantry Cranes we can offer Top Products within the field of lifting equipment in our category "Various Lifting Equipment".

Different variants of the Aluminum Tripod Crane, our Aluminum Multilifts as well as Aluminium Cross Beams

  • Aluminium Fork Mounted Hook
  • Aluminium Cross Beam
  • Aluminium Cross Beam “H” type
  • Aluminium Cross Beam for big-bag

complete the area crane construction and round off our wide range of products.

Whether in the workshop or in the production process of an industrial company, even for lifting work in the private sector - our crane technology and lifting technology is always used. Especially the lightweight construction and the easy transportability of our lifting products allow a versatile application. Individual customer requirements can also be taken into account at any time in the design and manufacture of our products listed here.

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