What does the -10 at the end of an item number mean - e.g. 1311050-10?

The -10 means that the crane is supplied with a split beam.

For example, with article number 1311050-10, the 5m beam is delivered split into 3m and 2m.

Is it possible to divide a beam in two?

No, that is not possible. A beam or double beam can only be divided once.

What is the delivery time for a gantry crane?

The delivery time for our standard cranes is approx. 7-10 working days.

Custom made on request.

Can an existing stationary crane be converted into a mobile crane?

The crane can be retrofitted with a chassis (article 24001 or 24002). This allows the crane to be moved in an unloaded state (without a load attached).

Are there any spare parts for my crane?

Whenever you have a question about a crane, we always need to know the serial number and the year of manufacture so that we can identify the crane model.

We will then be happy to provide you with an offer for spare parts or suitable accessories.

Is it possible to receive documentation subsequently?

To subsequently provide the correct documentation, we always require the serial number and year of production.

Can you also create customised products?

In order to be able to prepare quotations for an individual and customised solution, we need as much information as possible:

e.g. description of the application area, a sketch of the crane, dimensions, photo of the application area, general background information.

How high is an aluminium gantry crane?

Depending on the crane type (small / medium / high), the total heights range from approx. 1,700 mm to approx. 4,400 mm.

Of course, lower heights or heights up to over 6m in height are also possible in the form of a customized crane.

What is the load capacity of an aluminium gantry crane?

Depending on the crane type, the load capacity in the standard range is between 1,000 kg and 3,000 kg.

In order to also realise lifting capacities of up to 6,000 kg, different crane types can be combined depending on the application.

What does an aluminium gantry crane cost?

Please send us an enquiry to mail@schilling-fn.de or via the contact form.

We will then provide you with an offer as soon as possible.

What is the load capacity of a Multilift?

250 kg for series production.

Less or more is possible -> custom made.

Why are the crane systems sold with a split beam?

The crane can be used more flexibly with a split beam (at least one of the two beam pieces can also be used as a single beam) and can also be transported more easily.

The benefits are:

  • easier in daily handling
  • easy assembly and dismantling

Which beam lengths are available?

Our standard beam length is between 4,000 mm and 8,000 mm depending on the crane model.

The beams are generally also available with shorter beam lengths, e.g. 2,000 mm and 3,000 mm, or shortened to your desired dimension, e.g. 3,650 mm.

What is the purpose of a horizontal adjuster?

By using the horizontal adjuster, the usable length of the gantry crane can be infinitely variable adjusted between the side frames.

The track width of the aluminium beam is variable.

This represents a clear added value as well as a high flexibility for the user.

Is the horizontal adjuster included in the scope of delivery of a crane?

Yes, it is included.

Is the trolley included in the scope of delivery of a crane?

Yes, it is included.

Is a chain hoist included in the scope of delivery?

No, this is an accessory item and has to be ordered to match the crane.