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Electric Chain Hoist - Lifting Equipment

[Translate to Englisch:] Elektrischer Kettenzug mit Aufhängehaken

Product info

Technical facts

  • version with suspension hook
  • manufactured in accordance with EU-Machinery Directive and Equipment Safety Law
  • Protection Class EN 60529: IP55
  • Suitable for internal and exterior use. The Electric Chain Hoist is „splash-proof“.

Lifting mechanism:

  • ambient temperature rating -20 up to +40° C
  • lifting speed 1.00/4.00 m/min
  • lifting motor power 0.2/0.8 kW
  • duty cycle 20/40% ED
  • galvanised chain
  • fixed mounting


  • direct control
  • operation voltage 400 V
  • control voltage 48V
  • frequency (cycles) 50Hz
  • control unit including control cable
  • control unit protection class IP 55
  • Can also be delivered with radio control. Please contact us.