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Aluminium Slewing Crane

Product info

Technical facts


  • Suspension point at the bolt of the Trolley 3,000 mm.
  • For indoor and outdoor use.
  • Rotates trough 360°.
  • With look detent / brake unit (Concept: similar to drum brake mechanism).
  • Height of Slewing Crane:
    - total height 3,380 mm
    - column height 3,000 mm
  • Boom arm:
    - total length 2,000 mm
  • The Aluminium Slewing Crane is demountable into 5 pieces:
    - column
    - boom arm
    - support profile, incl. brake unit
    - brace
    - trolley, incl. manual trolley direction band
    and can be easily mounted by at least two persons.
  • The Aluminium Slewing Crane can be mounted respectively pegged directly onto the ground or flange-mounted onto the bracket (item no. 23010).