Aluminium Gantry Crane - Lightweight for heavy loads

Project description

  • Lightweight for heavy loads.
  • Special tasks require special solutions.
  • We are well known for always have the suitable tool - or to develop them.
  • An example is the order of the largest brown coal power station in the Ruhr Area (Germany).

  • The task:
    For revision and modernization work on the roof of the power station a crane was needed. But for a classic revolving tower crane was no space.

  • We, the team of SCHILLING, found a solution:
    A Aluminium Custom-Made Gantry Crane of high quality aluminum profiles specially aligned to the requirements of the customer. It has a relatively low own weight and therefore stress to the structure of the building is not essential. The Aluminium Gantry Crane is due to its construction exceptionally resilient and stable. This already proved the tests on the company area in Friedrichshafen. The Aluminium Custom-Made Aluminum Gantry Crane with electric chain hoist lifts easily a medium class car to an extreme height and moves the load, also electric, on the trolley sideways. The commands for lifting, lowering and lateral movements are easily issued with a wireless remote control.
  • Meanwhile, the special construction is securely installed on the roof of the brown coal power station for a longer time span. Afterwards the Aluminium Custom-Made Gantry Crane is used for other projects and applications on the colliery as a flexible tool.
  • As the power plant operator numerous customers rely on our creativity and experience.