Solid rubber tyres

Product info

Suitable for all movable Alu Gantry Cranes with a load capacity of 1,000 kg.

On request we can gladly equip our movable under load Alu Gantry Cranes up to 1,000 kg load capacity with solid rubber tyres.

with 4 steel casters

  • with heavy-duty tyres with super-elastic-solid rubber tyres (groove profile)
  • 3-components-tyres
    -  foot of tyre ( steel wire core - embedded in a resistant rubber compound – guaranteed to fit tightly onto the rim )
    -  intermediate cushion ( ensures shock absorption and vibration damping, for favourable rolling resistance )
    -  running surface ( the thick, abrasion-resistant running surface ensures a long durability )
  • with integrated caster and live ring brake
  • diameter of caster 250 mm
  • width of caster 85 mm

These tyres are available for Aluminium Gantry Crane with load capacity 1,000 kg.

item-no. standard gantry-PU (e.g. item-no. 1481040-PU)